Mustaqbal Foundation

Every citizen of the world should have the opportunity, capacity and support needed to enjoy a sustainable and socially acceptable quality of life.

Become a Member

Mustaqbal Foundation is a member-based organization that strives to grow as a movement and include more active members. By becoming a member of MF you make it possible for us to support the struggle for human rights in post-war East Africa. As a member you voting rights at the annual meeting, a physical copy of the annual report, regular updates from our projects in the region.


The membership fee is paid by direct debit on a monthly basis, which is both convenient for you and a good solution for us since you contribute to our work in a sustainable way. Mustaqbal Foundation always used unbound resources – such as membership fees – for direct costs in our projects and partnerships in East Africa, not administration in Sweden. The membership fee is a minimum 50 SEK per month.