Mustaqbal Foundation is an international Swedish-Somali, non-governmental organization, established in 2008 registered in Sweden.

Mustaqbal Foundation  is formed by a group of young Swedish-Somali  intellectuals, opinion formers, research professionals and practitioners whose objective is about creating new ways to think about and solve the range of complex challenges from socio-economic development to climate change through democratises reforms.

The purpose is to promoting integration, youth activities, supporting each other, encouraging exchanges of life experiences, disseminating knowledge and information on social issues, promoting cultural and social activities – as well as humanitarian and social development programs for Africa horn countries.


Mission Statement

Mustaqbal Foundation shall remain to be a developmental organization that is committed to serve towards the well being of the suffering human population and shall be committed to the socio-economic developments of its target societies through the enhancement of effective measures of human development through capacity building and programming in environmental protection, skill development for employment opportunity and local resource management.