The Mustaqbal Foundation Board consists of four members and a chairman, as well as two deputies, all of whom are members of the organization. the board is elected at the mustaqbal foundation general meeting and meets regularly about 8 times per financial year. In addition to the board, there is also a working committee within the board, which meets approximately 8 times per financial year. the board leads MF and is the organization ‘s highest decision-making body between the general meetings. the board shall ensure that the activities are conducted in accordance with the values of organization and the resolutions of the general meeting. They will make strategic decisions, as well as represent¬† Mustaqbal foundation. The Board’s work is led by the chairperson.

Ragge Yussuf chairperson

My name is Ragge Yussuf and I am the chairperson and led The Board's work. I have been a member since 2011 and have seen the organization grow over the years. I am very passionate about humanitarian and development work and especially about MF success. I call myself a climate activist, justice fighter. I believe that change comes within ourselves and that every small change counts, together can we make a huge positive impact in our planet.

Hanna Vice chairperson

Hanna is the Mustaqbal Foundation spokesperson and has won the 2019 best member award. she has solid experience of development assistance work, worked for several years at SIDA. Background, experience in organisational managementand supporting the administrative work as well as the planing, strategy and partnerships of the organisation.

Mohamed Mostafe

my name is mohammed Mostafe I have a master's degree in public health, I work as a public health scientist at the public health authority. My area of responsibility within the Mustaqbal Foundation is finances( bookkeeping,and monitoring budget), basically everything that has to do with numbers and finances.

Degan Souleiman

I have started my journey as a young volunteer within the Mustaqbal Foundation, today I am part of the board and responsible for membership recruitment, membership registers and act as a representative from members and chairman of two working groups under the board.

Warda Fidow

I young volunteering in the organisation as a mentor and coach and supporting youths with homework, free time planning, i have extensive experience volunteering as a youth worker and is ready to support all the youths in need by sharing my own experience and path of integration.