Organization values

In order to ensure the achievement of the Organization’s mission Mustaqbal Foundation have specific values that shape its upbringing, culture, education and experience. These values are articulated among all MF members. These values are.

  • Kindness and Equality
  • Transparency
  • Tolerance
  • Peace building
  • Capacity building

Guiding principles

The following are the main principles that guide organization to what ever it decides to do. The principles are:

  • Principles related to how to work together.
  • Teamwork based on equity and participation.
  • Teamwork which embraces full involvement, ownership (and responsibility) providing mutual support, fishing gaps, where necessary and monitoring each other.
  • Non blaming, accusatory, no ‘’ finger pointing’’ and accepting feedback.
  • Loyally, commitment, transparency, accountability and sharing information.
  • Principles related to how to work with others
  • Transparency and accountability.
  • Impartiality/objectivity/neutrality.
  • Patience and tolerance.
  • Respect and valuing.
  • Cultural oriented ethics.
  • Continuity and sustainability.
  • Accuracy and Respect time.

Organizational Believes & Philosophy

Believes: That all people are of equal value and have the same rights, but are born into inequality of circumstance and opportunity that can be changed.

Philosophy: Committed ness to socio-economic development of the target societies through the strengthening of the local capacity and the implementation of development programs with participatory approaches.

Geographical Coverage

The current target communities of the Organization are located at all parts of:-

  • Somalia (Puntland,Somaliland ,South Somalia)
  • Djibouti, ethiopia, kenya
  • Europe especially Sweden

Legal Status

Mustaqbal Foundation is formally registered registered in Sweden under the National Swedish Tax Agency Org. No. 8024418314 and recognized by Puntland Presidential Decree number MDG/09/2000 of 24th January 2017 as a non-profit, non-governmental organization and it has been granted tax exemption status. Mustaqbal Foundation is also registered with the Djibouti Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC) RG No. 387.